The Dove Room
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Nothing says you care like Roumanian Pastrami!
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The Dove Room @ Noah's Ark
Picture this: the room is mood-lit. Guests mill about as tuxedoed waiters glide by, trays adorned with tempting hors d'oeuvres. You nibble a sesame chicken tidbit with ginger plum sauce and admire the meticulously arranged table settings.
 Simply a Great Place
The Dove Room is simply a great place to have a party...any party. It's elegant enough for elaborate smorgasbords and sit-down gourmet affairs. Yet friendly enough for a cold buffet and overstuffed hero sandwiches. Birthday parties. Holiday parties. Anniversary parties. Business meetings. Sheva Brachot. Receptions. You name it.

If you're planning any event or celebration for up to 100 people, call us at 201.692.1200 or email us at

We'll work our dovetails off to make it just as nice as can be.

Where are you? The Dove Room at Noah's Ark.
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